Vehicle Rooftop Doorstep

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Trouble Reaching Your Roof Rack?

It's always a struggle to secure your gear up on the luggage rack without adequate reach. Whenever you need to attach some gear to the rooftop you can use this doorstep instead of standing on your tiptoes or worse – your car seat. 
In fact, it can take you hours to tie up your bikes, attach your surfboard, skis or any other bulky travel items. 
This reaching and straining can often result in unwanted scratches to your car or even injury to yourself!  And all you want to do is load up your gear for a weekend of fun and adventure!!
Now step-up with those kayaks, bikes or skis and get this trip started!  


  • Commodity material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Max Load: 510 pounds. Item N.W: 12.34 oz
  • Size: 3.9” (W) x 5.9” (L) x 3.9” (H)
  • Variant: Silver/ Black


  • Foldable and easy to store, made from light-weighted durable Aluminum Alloy. It assists you easily in fixing or fetching Bike, Surfboard, or other Bulky Travel items on car rooftop/ rack.
  • Safety hammer design provides you with a powerful tool for survival in case of an emergency.
  • Support up to 510 Pounds: it can support up to 510 pounds for access to car rooftop or rack, no problem for big guy handling bulky items (Max: 510 Pounds).
  • Dimension (5.9*3.9*3.9 inch) is big enough to fit for all sizes of feet, the Non-slip design provides solid and secure support for you standing on the doorstep, compatible with all kinds of SUV or RV.
  • With the help of Car Rooftop Doorstep, you can put all your bulky items on car rooftop or rack without any struggle as to make full use of in-car space, and enjoy a wonderful journey with all necessary items along with you.
  • The pedal can be used as a safety hammer to escape the window when it is in an emergency.

Can the striker support the weight?
The area of the striker and a vehicles "Post" which the striker is attached to is extremely strong as it must meet government standards for safety in car accidents. The striker must be able to withstand 2500 pounds of force.

Will the car folding ladder damage my vehicle?
We at car folding ladder and safety hammer added Leather pad with each step to help avoid damaging your vehicle. 
This Leather pad acts as a buffer and protection between your vehicle and the car folding ladder. 
So far we haven't had any issues with any vehicles we have tested it on.

Please Notice:
Before use, please put on the adhesive around the edge of doorstep so as to avoid scratching the paint on your car.
Under the industrial regulation, the slam-door latch must withstand the force of 2500 pounds at least, please be free of worry about damage on the latch while you step on the doorstep.
Make sure you check if the latch is on the side, otherwise it may not be suitable for your vehicle.
Note:  Write to us at or using Contact Form.